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Promoting mental health with a taboo twist.

EntheoZen is dedicated to supporting harm-reduction in recreational drug-using party communities by providing educational resources, workshops and nutritional products for combating the adverse effects of partying on the brain and body. Mood disorders and drug use are intimately linked, in both positive and negative ways. We found that the same neuroscience principles for supporting a joyful mood also apply to brain recovery after a party or festival.

Often times people with brain imbalances attempt to self-medicate with illegal drugs or alcohol. In many cases, drugs offer temporary relief, but are costly in the consequences on an individuals health, relationships and ability to function in society. Psychedelic drugs, however, have shown tremendous potential in safely and effectively treating many mental illnesses. This is why EntheoZen is a proponent of psychedelic drug research for treating conditions like depression, anxiety, PTSD and drug addiction. Our company donates 5% of our proceeds to an organization called MAPS (Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies) to support this revolution in medicine and psychotherapy.

Founder Caitlin Thompson travels to festivals and events across the west coast teaching people about the Neuroscience of Partying and how to stay healthy and happy. Her workshops provide unbiased information on how drugs and alcohol affect neurotransmitter systems, which drug interactions to avoid, safety tips, and a nutritional guide to mitigate the wear and tear of partying. By spreading information about nutrition and ongoing psychedelic therapeutic and mood disorder research, she empowers people to take control of their brain health and live joyful, balanced lives.


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