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More Than Just A Supplement Company…

EntheoZen StoryAt EntheoZen, our mission is bigger than just selling products. We truly believe in empowering individuals to achieve optimal mental wellness by taking their health into their own hands. EntheoZen is a leader in sharing information, educational resources and tools for people to heal their brains and live lives full of joy and vitality.

EntheoZen is dedicated to supporting innovation in mental health technologies through educational outreach, research, and product development. In addition to our products, we focus on creating media content and programs that share on various effective modalities such as nutrient therapy, diet, manipulating the gut microbiome, mindfulness practices, herbs, psychedelic medicines, biofeedback training, sensory deprivation floatation tanks, breathwork, kambo frog medicine, and other cutting edge wellness tools.

In particular, EntheoZen is a strong advocate for the scientific exploration of the use of psychedelic compounds in therapeutic and medicinal applications, especially for mood disorders, addiction and other psychiatric conditions. A portion of our profits go directly to funding ongoing clinical research on psychedelics as well as psychedelic science advocacy work.

Our mission is to be a trusted resource to inspire, educate and support you on your journey to brain health and happiness.

I am a psychologist who is cautious of supplements, but when I tried TransZen on myself and my clients, it delivered consistent positive results. This product is rooted in a substantial knowledge of current neurochemistry research. I am confident enough in the efficacy of TransZen to offer it as the only retail item for sale in my office. These statements are based off my honest experience and I was not compensated or incentivized to give them.

Doctor Michael Villanueva

Clinical psychologist and Neurofeedback practitioner at Alpha Theta Center, Retired US Army combat psychologist

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