Ayahuasca, Kambo and Psychedelic Nutrition

Can Psychedelics Unveil Ancestral Trauma?

Fractals and Microbiomes

Is the Microbiome Psychedelic?

Float Conference and Sensory Deprivation Float Tanks

The Neuroscience of Partying

Gut Health, Consciousness and Psychedelic Drugs

Kambo Frog and Psychedelic Medicines with Matt Belair

Caitlin Talks Kambo with Taylor and Anna from HighDose


Psychedelics as a Novel Approach to Autoimmune Conditions, LA Medicinal Plants Society

The Neuroscience of Partying, The Aware Project

How Gut Health Affects Mood and Mental Health.

The Neuroscience of Partying, The Aware Project

Kambo Frog Medicine


Rebuilding the gut Microbiome to Heal Lyme Disease and Autoimmune 

The Neuroscience of Partying 
(written form)

Kambo Frog Medicine, An Unconventional Path to Healing

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