What Is EntheoZen


EntheoZen is a nutritional supplement company based in San Diego, CA. It was launched in 2014 by Caitlin Thompson. At EntheoZen, our goal is to contribute to the practice of using safe and natural ways to balance brain chemistry and promote brain health and a happy mood. Blending neuroscience and holistic nutrition, we believe that the mind, body, and soul need the proper resources to stay balanced and lively. Our products are based on proven scientific principles and target specific mechanisms & issues related to mood disorders based on scientific literature. When the brain has access to the raw materials it needs to repair and function optimally, it can often heal and regulate itself.

Our Story

EntheoZen was born out of personal necessity. With clinical depression running in her family, Caitlin was struggling to feel mentally vivid despite her healthy diet and active lifestyle. In a last ditch effort to avoid medications, she aggressively researched and experimented with a range of natural ingredients. Applying her biology background and countless hours of studying neuroscience research & literature, she developed a successful combination of plant-based nutritional supplements. Her personal victory and recognition of others’ struggles has inspired her to share her research and experience with the world by developing and offering nutritional healing solutions. EntheoZen offers a natural solution to those who suffer from moodiness, mental fog, feelings of unhappiness, trouble focusing, and excessive tiredness. EntheoZen was founded with compassion and integrity. Quality and satisfaction are our priority.

By applying the same concepts of science that promote overall brain health, EntheoZen also caters to the countercultures by providing products to mitigate the wear and tear of partying and alcohol/drug-use. CEO and owner Caitlin Thompson now travels to festivals on the west coast, educating party-goers on harm-reduction tactics to apply in order to preserve the body and brain. She provides informational workshops and lectures of drug safety information, and how to nutritionally combat the adverse after-effects of partying and drug-use.


The name EntheoZen is derived from the word “entheogen”, which is Greek meaning “generating the divine from within”. An entheogen is a plant that induces a natural spiritual experience. Many psychedelic plants are considered entheogens. Entheogenic compounds or drugs show huge potential in treating an array of illnesses such as PTSD, addiction, depression, anxiety, eating disorders and more! Unfortunately, due to the illegal schedule 1 status of many of these medicines, clinical research is difficult to get approved, and requires a lot of resources to complete studies. EntheoZen recognizes and respects the powerful nature of these psychedelic compounds that come from entheogens and donates a percentage of our profits to the non-profit organization “Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies” (MAPS) to help contribute to leading edge research into the medicinal and therapeutic applications of psychedelic compounds. 

About 1

Caitlin Thompson
Founder & CEO

I met Caitlin at a local festival and immediately was impressed with her knowledge of biology, chemistry herbs, neuroscience and their interactions. Being in the supplement field myself I know a decent amount but she educated me even further. I then met her again as she was vending and showing off the fruits of her labor. I loved the formula she put together, at a very affordable price. After a month taking ReVive daily, investing only $1 a day, I felt smarter, happier, more energized and now that I think about it, with a stronger immune, as even with the changing weather, never got sick once. Love the formula Caitlin, look forward to your next product.

– Joel Sprechman – eCommerce Marketing and Sales manager Good Gut Solution, Yoga Teacher and Health Coach –

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