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  • We have sold all of our remaining stock to Mak’s Supplements.
  • If you would like to purchase more TransZen or have any questions or concerns about the products please visit Mak’s Supplements using the purple Buy button.

Unfortunately, EntheoZen Went Out Of Business


We are sad to announce that EntheoZen will officially be closing shop and discontinuing all products. Despite our efforts to grow and sustain the business, there were many factors working against a small operation like ours.


We poured our heart and soul into making our products, and we are grateful for the support everyone gave to our company over the years.

Fortunately for our customers, Mak’s Supplements has agreed to keep selling TransZen and support the product.

TransZen - Mood Boosting Supplement

TransZen Front

Whether you’re a busy mom, an overworked entrepreneur, or working through a chronic health condition, TransZen can help you reunite with your true self and feel the peace and motivation to do the things that make you feel good.

Designed by a neuroscientist and licensed Chinese herbalist, TransZen has helped thousands of people to improve their mood. 

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