Testimonials for TransZen

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“Added this to my morning supplement regimen (less than the recommended dosage) and I’ve noticed a significant increase in my ability to sustain energy throughout the day. I also feel like my low points don’t get me so low and I’m able to rebound towards happiness more quickly. I’m very happy with this product and will buy again!”
“Last weekend I had the opportunity to try Transzen. Within minutes of taking it, I felt an overall sense of calm and tranquility. It took the edge off without taking anything more! I didn’t feel loopy or foggy, just at peace and ready for whatever was thrown my way. I had lots of energy, which was nice since I was a little worried it would make me tired! I know this product, and all other Entheozen products are thoroughly researched and I am thrilled at how well they work!!
Update: I am a little over halfway through the bottle and can definitely see it makes a big difference. Once I had been taking it for a few weeks I stopped for a day and noticed I had more anxiety and was not nearly as focused as I am when I take it. I have been recommending it to all my friends!”
“I bought this product for mood support and I was pleasantly surprised by the meditative state it induced when I took the full, recommended dose. Within an hour of taking Transzen (when the product was being digested), I actually wanted to sit in meditation and my mind was more conducive to quieting and turning inward.
Two capsules daily is subtler as a meditation aid but noticeable as mood support. I feel a general improvement in my overall mood and ability to manage stress. I tried taking them daily in the morning and at night and I prefer to take them every other morning.”

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Testimonials for Weekend Warrior

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“Definitely sustains your energy and positive vibes through-out multi day festivals and long nights of partying. Cuts through that after-morning fog like a hot knife through butter. Definitely will be part of my festival regimen from now on. My friends all liked them too!”

“I was lucky enough to have had a chance to try Weekend Warrior last weekend at a festival. After lots of fun, I knew my body could use some help recovering. Weekend Warrior worked amazingly! I felt like I had more energy, like my brain was able to function, and was not hit with that post-party depression that I typically get the day or two after. This product has been thoroughly researched and truly works! Thank you Entheozen for an amazing product!!”

“After I stayed up late on Sat at a festival, I woke up with a brain that felt two sizes bigger than my cranium. Luckily, I had run into Caitlin and she had given us some Entheozen. I have to say I felt better immediately. Like surprisingly better. Very grateful and am happy to recommend the product.”
-Ryan Parks, Professional fire performer and addiction recovery specialist.

“I tend to be a light-weight when it comes to partying, which means I end up crashing for days afterwards with an epic party hangover. I started taking Entheozen’s Weekend Warrior this summer and am blown away by the immediate results. Even after five days at a hot music festival, I was able to return to work the next week feeling fresh and revitalized. Why? Because I was taking Weekend Warrior religiously throughout the weekend! Now I never go to a party without a bottle of Entheozen in my bag. This shit really works.”
– SB, DJ and Entertainer

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