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Welcome Your Mate Tom Podcast Visitors!

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TransZen - Mood Enhancement Supplement

Feel Good Today

Take TransZen to quickly transform your bad mood into calm joy. When your brain is out of balance and low in essential neurotransmitters like serotonin, feeling good can be a struggle.

TransZen helps you to feel good naturally and handle life’s challenges with graceful enthusiasm.

Do You Feel Sad And Overwhelmed?

An Imbalanced Brain Can Hold Your Happiness Hostage

High-stress lifestyles, unhealthy eating and incessant negative media break the brain’s natural support system and ruin its resilience. Without an ability to recover from the regular insults of modern life, the brain succumbs to oxidative stress and neuronal damage.

Without a ready supply of nutrients to rebuild its damaged cells and adapt to overwhelm and stress, your brain can fall into a dysregulated state of negative thinking and debilitating low mood.

feeling sad and depressed

Change Your Brain Chemistry – Change Your Mood

Feel Happy

Feel Happy

Reinvigorate your excitement for life again

Dissolve Stress

Dissolve Stress

Be more resilient to those daily stressors that can get under your skin

Lift Brain Fog

Lift Brain Fog

Function better with enhanced memory and cognitive function.

Transcend Negativity

Transcend Negativity

Feel peaceful and as cool as a cucumber in this fast-paced world.

Hear from Real TransZen Customers

Such A Game Changer
Great Product
Game Changer

Balance Your Brain To Boost Your Mood

The brain is the most complex, energy-consuming system in the human body. Even the best diets rarely contain all the ingredients it needs to deal with daily stress and repair cellular damage.TransZen provides key amino acids necessary to produce mood regulating neurotransmitters like Serotonin, GABA and Dopamine. It contains ultra-bioavailable forms of brain restoring vitamins and minerals. The formula also targets cellular damage and oxidative stress with select botanical extracts and adaptogenic herbs, that restore vitality to neurons while balancing the HPA Axis, thought to be the underlying neurological construct of stress and mood regulation.



Balance Neurotransmitters

Combat Oxidative Stress

Promote Neuroplasticity

Increase Neurogenesis

Regulate HPA Axis Stress Response

Regulate HPA Axis Stress Response

Promote Neuroplasticity

Promote Neuroplasticity

“I am a psychologist who is cautious of supplements, but when I tried TransZen on myself and my clients, it delivered consistent positive results.

This product is rooted in a substantial knowledge of current neurochemistry research. I am confident enough in the efficacy of TransZen to offer it as the only retail item for sale in my office. These statements are based off my honest experience and I was not compensated or incentivized to give them.”

Doctor Michael Villanueva
Clinical psychologist and Neurofeedback practitioner at Alpha Theta Center, Retired US Army combat psychologist

Carefully Sourced Ingredients

EntheoZen prioritizes putting clean, quality and bioavailable ingredients in our products to deliver a premium supplement that delivers real results. Every ingredient in TransZen was carefully selected based on the scientific evidence of its ability to support a positive mood and a healthy brain. Each ingredient goes through rigorous laboratory testing to verify the ingredient and confirm that they are free of heavy metals, fillers and bacteria contamination.

EntheoZen’s products are free of controversial synthetic excipients such as magnesium stearate, silicon dioxide and other lubricating agents or fillers. We use only natural rice-derived materials in addition to the active ingredients. Our aim is to deliver nutritional tools that are squeaky clean and sustainable for long term use. We only create products that we would consume ourselves (and we’re kinda snobby…)

Analyzing Ingredients

How to get the most out of TransZen

The ideal dosage, time of consumption and need for food in the stomach will vary from person to person. Start out by taking 2 capsules per day and carefully increase dosage and frequency as needed. The general recommendation is to take 2-4 capsules of TransZen twice per day for maximum results. Discontinue use if any adverse effects occur. If you are taking an SSRI, SNRI or MAOI antidepressant, always consult your doctor before taking any supplement.

  • Some people find it energizing and prefer to take it in the morning.
  • Some people find it relaxing and sedating and prefer to take it at night.
  • Some people prefer to take TransZen on an empty stomach for maximum absorption.
  • Some people experience some nausea on an empty stomach and prefer to take with food.
  • Some people even take it as an anti-hangover cure.
  • Some people take it daily for usual maintenance.
  • Some take it only as needed when stress is high.

The ways that TransZen can be implemented into one’s life is highly variable. Our best advice is to experiment and listen to your body. The only “right” way to take it is the way that works best for you.

TransZen - Supplement Facts

What to Expect When Taking TransZen?

  • Feel Happy
  • Dissolve Stress
  • Lift Brain Fog
  • Transcend Negativity

Take TransZen for Rapid Relief

TransZen - Mood Enhancement Supplement

A Premium Supplement

Designed To Boost Your Mood

Best Deal

TransZen - Mood Enhancement Supplement

SAVE $10 vs Single Order

$30.99 per month thereafter.
Save $5 every month

Regular Price

TransZen - Mood Enhancement Supplement


  A one month supply of TransZen
1 Bottle

A brilliantly-balanced formula to address the multi-faceted drivers of a negative mood

TransZen is a fast-acting comprehensive formula designed by applying the cutting-edge neuroscientific understanding of brain and mood health. It contains a premium blend of essential vitamins, minerals, amino acids and plant extracts scientifically studied to support mental health. TransZen provides the raw materials for your brain to intelligently balance neurotransmitter systems while also nourishing damaged or depleted cells, prompting regeneration and reinvigorating your brain and your inspiration for life.

Nutrient Building Blocks

Nutrient Building Blocks

TransZen provides bioavailable forms of nutrients that are essential precursors and cofactors for the creation and conversion of feel good neurotransmitters such as dopamine, serotonin and GABA.



TransZen’s ingredients protect against excitotoxicity from overstimulation of neurons, neurotoxins, and oxidative damage from free-radical compounds.

Mitigating Stress

Mitigating Stress

This cutting-edge formula combats the damaging and depleting effects of stress by normalizing the stress response via the Hypothalamus- Pituitary-Adrenal axis (HPA).



Several compounds in TransZen have been studied for their ability to promote the growth and regeneration of new neurons and crucial brain cell structures.

Our Research & Development Process

EntheoZen’s products were born out of a personal need for supplements to effectively achieve whole-body wellness.

Each product takes years of research to develop. We spend lots of time reading through academic medical journals, going to neuroscience conferences, discussing with doctors and researchers in order to synthesize all of the information in a way that delivers actionable benefit to you.

We like to take a step back and see the bigger picture. Without fixating on one ingredient, we can integrate all of the science in a way that creates a product that is balanced, well-rounded and wholistic. Our products take advantage of the synergistic properties that many of the nutritional tools create when combined to deliver something that is safe, sustainable and effective.

Creative Process

Money Back Guarantee

We created EntheoZen because we want people to feel fantastic. It’s important to us that feel 100% satisfied with your purchase.

If you do not feel completely satisfied with TransZen in the first 30 days after delivery, for any reason whatsoever, contact us for a total refund.

The 30 Day Money Back Guarantee policy applies to all first time purchasers of the TransZen. It does not apply to subsequent orders of the product. There is a limit of 1 money back guarantee per household.

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