Microdosing LSD, Part 3, How to Make Your Own LSD Microdosing Setup.

Microdosing LSD

Microdosing psychedelics has recently exploded in popularity due to the increased interest in psychedelic compounds in medicine, therapy and spirituality. While there is little scientific studies on microdosing LSD, there is a growing amount of anecdotal reports for a variety of benefits including improved mood, energy, focus, creativity and athletic performance. People also use LSD microdoses to ease social anxiety or enhance activities such as going to concerts, hiking or parties.

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Whatever reason you have decided to microdose LSD, it’s important to dose microdoses properly in order to avoid accidentally over-dose in the sense that your microdose may not be as subtle as you were hoping for. In this guide, we will walk you through the step by step process of making your own microdosing LSD setup so that you can have accurate and easy dosing.

To dive into more depth about microdosing in general, be sure to check out our Part 1 of our microdosing article series. In that article, we discuss the benefits, risks, and things to consider when microdosing. You can also learn about how microdosing actually works in that article.

We’ve also created an extensive guide on how to microdose psychedelic mushrooms. Our goal is to inform you as much as possible so that you can make safe and smart decisions for your health and happiness. 


First and foremost, In most countries, LSD is still illegal. This video is meant to be for educational purposes only. Entheozen does not condone illegal activities. You should only consume LSD in parts of the world where it is unscheduled or legal. None of the footage you see in any displayed video depicts actual illicit substances and is for demonstrative and educational purposes only.

Making an LSD microdose is actually quite easy compared to making mushroom capsules.

Here is what you’ll need to get started:

1. 2 dram vials

You’ll need to get some 2 dram glass vials with droppers in them. I get these off of discount vials.

2. Solvent

You’ll need a high proof alcohol as a solvent, or alternatively distilled water. I use cane alcohol, but everclear or vodka can also work. Do not use rubbing or isopropyl alcohol!

3.Protective gloves

You’ll need nitrile or latex gloves to protect against any spills.

4. LSD

High quality LSD from a trusted source.

Liquid or Paper?

If you’re microdosing LSD, often starting with liquid supply is the easiest, but paper tabs will work too. Most LSD on the market is dosed at 100 micrograms per drop or tab. This isn’t always the case, but it’s a good starting point for guessing. Assuming this is correct, you can make a microdose set up using an empty 1 or 2 dram glass vial (I buy them off of discount vials.com). For the diluting solvent I like to use cane alcohol, but everclear, vodka or any high proof alcohol will work. You can also use distilled or RO water. Do not use tap or alkaline water, as it can deactivate the LSD.

 When handling LSD, always wear nitrile or latex gloves! Spills can happen and you do not want a full vial of LSD spilling on your hand when you’re trying to rush out the door and whip up microdosing vial setup to your girlfriend when you go to meet her parents for the first time.

How to Prepare Your Microdose Vial


 Step 1

If you’re using Liquid LSD, add 100 drops from the dropper of your little vial of your solvent (everclear, cane alcohol, water etc) to your microdosing vial. If you are using paper LSD, add 105 drops of solvent.

Step 2

Once your solvent liquid is in your vial, carefully add either 5 drops of the full-strength liquid LSD in the vial. Or add your 5 tabs to the vial and shake. Be sure to screw the lid on securely so it doesn’t leak, and I like to give it a little shake just to make sure it mixes evenly.


Assuming your starting material is 100 micrograms per drop or tab, you now have a microdose set up that is dosed at 1 drop equaling approximately 5 micrograms of LSD, which is 1/20th of a tab. I put in a little extra solvent to account for evaporation. From here, you can experiment with dosage. I recommend starting out with 1 drop, and then increasing as needed. Usually 1-3 drops(5-15 micrograms) is a good micro dose for most people. Some days or activities may inspire different dosing.

How often and when should you microdose LSD?

Well, microdosing psychedelics is still largely an experimental intervention. So there’s no right or wrong way to microdose. Many people like to follow James Fadiman’s recommendations of microdosing once every 3 days, or twice a week.

You can certainly play around with how often and how much you microdose. I recommend taking LSD microdoses earlier in the day, as LSD can be energizing and stimulating and might interrupt sleep if you take it too late.

As a reminder, be mindful of what types of activities you do when you choose to microdose. You might find that you are more emotionally volatile on days that you microdose. With this in mind, it may be wise to avoid intense emotional situations, or socially challenging environments.

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