How to Make Your Own Mushroom Microdosing Setup.

Microdosing shrooms may offer substantial benefits for depression, anxiety and more. This video will walk you through what materials you will need and how to make your own microdosing mushroom set up. If you havn’t already, sure to view Part 1 microdosing article first to understand what microdosing is, how it works, the benefits, risks and how to microdose mushrooms safely.

Let us know what your experience microdosing mushrooms and LSD for depression has been like in the comments below!

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This article is a guide on how to microdose. We will cover making your own microdosing mushroom set up in this video as well as sharing when and how often to microdose mushrooms. This article is Part 2 of the series so if you havn’t already watched Part one, Microdosing mushrooms and LSD for depression, I highly recommend that you go back and watch that video first before watching this one. I include some explanation of why microdosing helps depression and how to microdose safely. So don’t miss that crucial information.

Part 1: Microdosing Mushrooms and LSD for depression, How does it work?

If you’re looking for a video on how to make your own microdosing LSD setup, Check out How to Make your own LSD Microdosing Setup, Part 3.

So because I already made a video about Microdosing Part 1, I’m going to just jump straight into How to make your own mushroom microdose set up.

First and foremost, In most countries, psychedelic mushrooms are still illegal. This video is meant to be for educational purposes only. Entheozen does not condone illegal activities. You should only consume psychedelic mushrooms in parts of the world where it is unscheduled or legal. None of the footage you see in this video depicts actual illicit substances and is for demonstrative and educational purposes only.

Now that, that’s out of the way.

If you’re microdosing mushrooms, My recommendation is to grind them into a powder using a nutrabullet, and use a milligram scale to weight out single doses. You can measure out multiple doses in one sitting and put them into capsules or you can have your powder in a jar and measure out with a scale as needed. The potency of psilocybin mushrooms varies tremendously, so be sure you ask your source or test ahead of time to know how strong your starting material is. A microdose weight of powdered psilocybin mushrooms is usually in between .1-.5 grams.

Here is a list of the items you’ll need to get started:

1. You’ll need some sort of apparatus that can grind or powderize your mushrooms. A nutrabullet or coffee grinder should work.
2. You’ll need a mg scale that reads atleast 2 decimal points to the right.
3. You’ll need 00 sized empty capsules to fill. You can get either vegetarian capsules or gelatin.
4. You’ll need a “capsule machine”. They come in different sizes. The 24 capsule size is the one I use.
5. And of course, you’ll need a trustworthy supply of dried psilocybin mushrooms.

You can buy all of these things (except the mushrooms of course) from Amazon or other parts of the web. I have some affiliate links at the bottom of this article if you want my recommendation.

Depending on the number of capsules your capsule template in your “capsule machine” can hold, what I like to do is figure out how many capsules or micro doses I want to make. In my case, my capsule machine only holds 24 capsules. So say I want to make 24 micro doses. If I’m aiming to have each microdose contain .2 grams, then I choose my starting quantity of mushrooms based on that. So .2*24 capsules equals 4.8 grams. So because some dust will inevitably stick to surfaces and such, I tend to add a little buffer in there, so lets say 5 grams in my target. I’ll take roughly 5 grams of mushrooms, and again its okay if it’s a little over because some will be lost in the process. I put my 5 grams of mushrooms into a nutra bullet or grinder, and I powder it until it’s as fine and powderized as I can get it. I load up the capsule machine as the directions advise, with the longer pieces of the capsule. I put the top parts of the capsules in a bowl for easy access later on. Make sure to have a ceramic plate underneath you so if you drop any powder, you can easily recover it.

Now, carefully pour your mushroom powder onto the capsule machine and use the plastic card provided to carefully push the mushroom powder into the capsules. Be sure that you fill the capsules evenly. There may be empty space in them even once full, so be sure not to fill up some capsules and have others be empty. Do you best to make them all as even as possible. If you need to, you can compress the powder int other capsules using the lid of the capsule machine. This will make more room in the capsule so you can continue adding powder to it. Add powder to the capsules until all of the powder is gone. You may run out of space in the capsule before you finish pouring all of your powder. This is okay too. Once your capsules are full of their desired mushroom powder, you can manually cap it with the other piece of the capsule that you set aside in a bowl.

You can weigh your capsule once you’re done to verify the weight of raw mushroom inside. Keep in mind the capsule weighs about .1 grams it’s self if you use the 00 size. Usually I can only get .5 or ½ a gram into one 00 capsule. You can refrigerate them if you desire to maintain potency. Be sure to label your mushroom microdoses so you don’t take them thinking they are some other herb or medicine.

If you intend to use Paul Stamets microdosing protocol, You can add lions mane and niacin to your psilocybin microdoses for ultimate memory and brain support.

To do this protocol, Take your mushroom microdose capsule, and with it you take 10 g of lions mane mushroom powder, and 150 mg of niacin. Be sure to get the niacin as nicotinic acid form. You want the type that will make you flush. And yes, the flushing is a little uncomfortable.

So how often should one microdose and when?

So there’s not an exact science to how often you should microdose. Microdosing is still largely a new trend, so everyone is still experimenting and figuring it out.

There 2 major microdosing schedule recommendations out there.

There is the one proposed by James Fadiman, the god father of microdosing.

He recommends taking a microdose once every 3 days, or twice a week roughly.

The Paul Stamets microdosing mushrooms protocol recommends 5 days on, 2 days off, so taking your microdose with the lions mane and niacin for 5 days consecutively and then taking a break for 2 days.

Or, you can always just take microdoses randomly on days that you feel you need it or are doing an activity that goes well with microdosing.

Remember, theres always the possibility that you may feel a dose stronger one day by accident, or that a microdose can result in you feeling emotionally sensitive. Keep this in mind when planning your microdoses. You might want to avoid microdosing on days that you know will be emotionally challenging or could provoke anxiety in social settings.

Everyone is different and it’s important to listen to your body when it comes to microdosing psychedelics. You may find that microdosing every 3 days is actually too much for you and that you may enjoy it on occasion or only for certain activities. You might also find that microdosing one substance works for you while another doesn’t. Some people do better microdosing LSD over mushrooms for example and vice versa. Some people get anxiety when they microdose, others may be sleepy, or emotional. The important thing is to listen to your body and remember to review the information on how to microdose safely that I include in my microdosing psychedelics video Part 1.

If you’re wanting to make your own LSD microdosing set up, be sure to watch the 3rd part of this microdosing series.

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